LIFT'D 3-Ply 24hr Medical Face Mask[Made In Korea] - 10ea

  • SUPER GENTLE TO YOUR SKIN : Using the highest grade non-woven fabric, The Lift’d Disposable Face Mask gives your skin a super soft feeling without irritation. Extra-soft ear loops design can eliminate your ears pressure and provide the best comfortable fit you never experienced before, the adjustable nose strip can fit your nose shape to increase your wearing comfort and protects your face during these uncertain times!
  • PERFECT PROTECTION: Our high-quality filtering face masks ensure a physical barrier to protection. With the new 3-ply design, it can completely block all airborne droplets and contaminants so you can breathe easily and safely in any environment.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN KOREA : Lift'd mask is made with 100% Korean materials and 100% Korean technology.
  • PROVEN SAFETY : It has been confirmed that it is antibacterial and harmless to the human body through 30 different tests.
  • INCOMPARABLE EXCELLENCE : Even if worn for a long time, it prevents odors, is easy to breathe, and is comfortable without irritating your skin.
  • Good for everyday and everywhere : Home, School, Office, Workplace, and Outdoor Activities.

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