Manufacturer & Wholesales

Proven and Reliable Quality

Lift'd Medical Face Mask is a brilliant mask, that is 100% manufactured in Korea, and registered as a Level 1 medical device by the FDA.

Lift’d Medical Face Mask has used the highest quality non-woven fabric and the highest quality MB filter in Korea, and manufactured in Korea.

Our mask is proven the quality through 30 different tests which include antibacterial tests, allergic tests and etc.

Perfect Protection

Our high-quality facial filter masks offer a physical barrier to safety. With the latest 3-ply style, both airborne droplets, and contaminants can be completely blocked so that our masks can keep you safe.

Super Gentle to Your Skin

By using the highest quality non-woven fabric, the Lift'd Face 

Mask gives the skin a super soft texture without irritation. 

The extra-soft ear loop design helps remove the pressure on your ears. We guarantee the best fit you've ever had before, the flexible nose strip can match your nose shape to improve your comfort and protect you.

Incredibly Easy to Breathe

Until the day we don't need masks, Lift'D medical face masks will support your smile and help you stay safe day by day.

We support your smile.

It looks like we’re going to be wearing face masks for a while, therefore we have to find the finest masks.

Lift'd Medical Face Mask support your safety and your family day by day.