A Super Soft, and Breathable Face Cover for All Day Long Use

It looks like we’re going to be wearing face masks for a while, which is all the more reason to find one that you like.

The LIFT’D Face Mask is designed to protect against liquid droplet transmission and with comfort in mind to reduce ear, nose, and facial strain during long-term use. Our highest-grade antibacterial fabric is super soft and promises that there will be no skin irritation even after long hours use.

New research suggests that face coverings help reduce the transmission of droplets, and The LIFT’D Face Mask is the only perfect mask that is 100% made in Korea and certified by over 30 tests.

Super Softness

The highest-grade Toray antibacterial fabric is more valuable due to limited production in Korea.

Perfect Protection & Complete Droplets Blocking

SB (Spundbound), non-woven fabric provides excellent barrier against even the smallest droplets

MB (Melt-Blown) nonwoven fabric blocks contaminants with its superior adsorption power

Proven and Reliable Quality

This is the highest quality and certified by over 30 tests. Even if worn for a long time, it prevents odors, is easy to breathe, and is comfortable without irritating your skin.

100% Made in Korea

This is the only perfect mask that is 100% made in Korea  and antibacterial fabric provides protection from respiratory infection

Good for everyday and everywhere

Home, School, Office, Workplace, and Outdoor Activities.